“GBS backup provides a fully tested backup solution, that can restore all components in the customers network after a disaster or hack. The Backup server is secured, so that it cannot be compromised in case the of an intrusion.


Backup and Security

In previous releases, the original goal for backups was to facilitate a backup copy of data in case of accidental deletion.
Security of the backup server was not urgent in the past, as we did not expect the user to delete the backup data intentionally.
Nowadays, it can no longer be assumed that the backup user is always working in good faith.
Cyberthreats increasingly threaten the IT and Telecom environment. Backup now performs the additional task of protecting the user’s data as safeguard and fallback in case of a cyber (ransom or wiper) attack.
In GBS3 we consider that the backup user (at the client node) may be an attacker trying to breach, ransom or compromise the backup data.
Therefore, the backups and the backup server need to be protected, to avoid that the attacker also deletes or modifies the backup.

Hybrid Backup Factsheet

The Generic Backup Solution (GBS) offers a Linux based Backup Server that is capable of backing up Virtual systems, Non-virtual systems, SAN and network equipment. It supports backup and (disaster) recovery for Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, OpenVMS and Windows server. The Hybrid GBS backup server is a hardware-oriented backup solution that will make independent backups outside the virtual environment (including offsite backup possibility). Main goal is to provide a full recovery mechanism for a disaster in the virtual environment. The Hybrid Backup server is a bare-metal backup server, based on HP or DELL hardware with RHEL9 or AlmaLinux9 OS and with additional data disks for backup storage.

Backup on Kubernetes and OpenSHIFT

In a changing IT world where applications move to be containerized, it is important to consider what needs to be restored from backup in case of disaster or accidental delete in a Kubernetes, OpenShift or Tanzu environment. For this purpose, GBS has investigated how to best design and implement a backup for critical components in the Kubernetes, OpenShift or VMware Tanzu environment and which open-source tools (license free) are already available for it.

Windows aND macos backup factsheet

The Generic Backup Solution (GBS) offers a Linux based Backup Server that can back up MacOS and Windows (Server) clients.
For Windows backup purpose, GBS includes three mechanisms, dedicated for Windows Server and MacOS/Windows respectively.
This factsheet will discuss the options for implementing a Windows/MacOS backup server.

Backup on KVM virtualization

For KVM we have complimented our RSYNC system backup with a KVM image backup mechanism. By taking a QEMU snapshot prior to the KVM image file backup, a consistent backup is guaranteed. The frozen image file is then transferred to the GBS backup server as a full backup. RSYNC will facilitate subsequent incremental system backups.