Cloud Backup

Hybrid Backup

Centralized Backup

Cloud Backup

A Cloud backup server is deployed in a Cloud or NFVI environment, where the customer has no access to the Virtual infrastructure, but still wants to operate an independent backup.

In a cloud environment, it is important to offload the backups to an offsite location, to guarantee the backups in case of a site/cloud disaster.

GBS offers offsite solutions, with Bacula or a geo-redundant backup server.

How it works

The GBS backup server can be deployed in various environments:

  • Cloud based
  • Bare metal deployment 
  • Virtual Deployment
The environment determines how the Backup server will be deployed, but the software and mechanisms will be identical.


Hybrid backup

A Hybrid backup server can backup Virtual Machines and Bare metal infrastructure.
It also covers Network equipment if required.

The preferred deployment for a Hybrid backup server is a bare metal system (CentOS  or RHEL)
Alternatively, it can be deployed as a VM with the same functionality.

Bare metal deployment has the advantage of  storing the backups outside the Application domain. So backups are still available in case of a disaster.


Cloud based

Cloud based backup can be deployed, preferably when two or more sites are available.
Geo-redundancy in this case guarantees the backup availability in case of a site disaster.

Virtual Backup

A virtual backup server will backup the virtual environment and Virtual Machines, but also the Virtual infrastructure, network equipment and Bare metal servers.
The backups can be stored offsite via Bacula, or using a remote GBS backup server (Geo-redundancy).

Hybrid (BAre Metal)

The hybrid backup server is a hardware based backup solution, it offloads the backups outside the original application environment.
So that the backups are still available in case of a disaster in the application environment.
The hybrid backup server can also be deployed as a geo-redundant system.

Centralized backup

For Multiple sites, we offer a Centralized backup server that centralizes all the Permanent backups on one location.
This setup offers redundancy and de-duplication advantages, as all permanent backups can be deduplicated in one filesystem.


GBS has a 20+ years of experience in the backup of Linux/Windows/MacOS systems

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What You Get

A centralized off-site backup solution that starts with an analysis of the customers system.

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