Openshift deployment

“GBS specializes in deployment, and we have the RHEL/CentOS expertise to define customer solutions.
we can help our customers to define an achitecture with RedHat KVM or OpenShift as a building block.



GBS focuses to expand its backup solution for state of the art technology like KVM, OpenStack, OpenShift and NFVI.
As a result, we have developed a broad knowledge of architecture and deployment for platforms like OpenShift and OpenStack.
Therefore, we can offer our architecture and deployment services for customers that want to deploy a high available system, with state-of-the-art  (OpenShift) technology.
OpenShift offers a High Available platform that includes KVM Virtualization and data storage.
It is now replacing the former RHV (Redhat Virtualization), because it also includes virtualization technology. 
Redhat virtualization is now reaching end-of-life, as announced by redhat in 2022.

On August 31, 2022, Red Hat Virtualization enters the Maintenance Support Phase – Red Hat Customer Portal

Virtualization in OpenShift

The latest release of OpenShift 4.1x includes OpenShift Virtualization, which allows running KVM based Virtual Machines in parallel with K8s on the same OpenShift cluster. This feature allows us to use OpenShift as a Virtualization host and run regular virtual machines, while gradually moving to containerized computing.
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