About Us

“GBS backup provides a fully tested backup solution, that can restore all components in the customers network after a disaster or hack. The Backup server is secured, so that it cannot be compromised in case the of an intrusion.


Our Mission

GBS is your global partner in backup and deployment for Linux and Telecom applications

Our goal is to help and provide our customers with a reliable backup and restore solution in their complex,  hybrid (telecom) environment.
We provide a backup solution, that includes a Disaster recovery plan for a structured (disaster) restore procedure.

We provide a Centralized backup for all components in your Enterprise/Telecom environment.

We help our customers with the deployment of their systems, in order to  facilitate a robust foundation for applications and backup.

We have a global presence with our offices in the Netherlands and Mexico. 

GBS Introduction

GBS is an overall Generic Backup Solution, that incorporates several OpenSource and Vendor specific backup mechanisms.

The goal for GBS is to offer a license free backup solution, where possible.

The backup solution is tailored for every customer and includes design, documentation, deployment configuration and verification of a backup solution for the customer.

Therefore you can view GBS as an abstraction layer on top of the backup mechanism’s used:

  • EMC Networker (Legato)
  • Veritas Netbackup
  • HP Dataprotector
  • Bacula
  • HP BusinessCopy
  • HP VirtualCopy
  • XSIbackup (VMware)


Backup mechanisms are included to backup enterprise OS’s /ecosphere:

  • Linux/Solaris/OpenVMS/Windows operating systems

  • Backup of virtualized system (VMware, KVM)

  • Backup in a Cloud and NFVI environment.

  • Databases Oracle/Berkeley/Informix

  • Data repositories on local storage or HP 3PAR/EVA SAN storage.

  • HP EVA storage configuration and data.

  • Cisco and HP network equipment configurations,

GBS will incorporate all these various backup mechanisms into one Centralized backup repository.

GBS will include customer training, so the customer can manage his own backup/restore  procedures.

Alternatively, GBS offers backup hosting, to manage the backup/restore procedures for the customer.

GBS will include 5×8 support for the customer in order to address  backup /restore issues

Our team

GBS has a small team of engineers and managers
Development is done in Europe (Netherlands)
Deployment and support is done by the team of engineers and project managers in Mexico.


Centralized Backup Solution

The generic Backup Solution (GBS) delivers a Centralized backup mechanism to backup all elements in a Linux/Solaris/OpenVMS based server solution onto one centralized backup disk repository.


The backup is accessible and browsable for the operator on the Unix filesystem, no tape operations necessary for accessing the backup data.

GBS is an easy backup service, for operations, as it eliminates the hassle of tape backup by means of a permanent backup to disk. 

The permanent disk backup also eliminates the additional cost for tape hardware and licenses.



As an option for permanent tape backup, GBS can interface with EMC Networker or Symantec Netbackup backup clients.

Additionaly, the GBS backup server can function as a Networker/Netbackup server, directly interfacing with a tape autoloader.