RedHat Openstack Platform

RedHat Hyperconverged HCI

“GBS backup is a RedHat partner, with access to RedHat resources: Software, documentation and training”
We analyse the customers situation, and incorporate their backup requirements in a customized backup solution
fully documented and tested


Deployment Introduction

Deployment of Linux and OpenShift systems is a logical addition to our backup services.
Because we regularly deploy various linux systems and distributions for restore and disaster recovery purpose.
As a result we have expert knowledge about the details and structure of various linux distributions, virtualization techniques, storage mechanisms, hardware and cloud platforms.
Therefore, in addition to our backup services, we can also advise and deploy RedHat, AlmaLinux and OpenShift systems for our customers.

We can deploy on bare metal (HP or DELL hardware), virtualized (cloud, VMWare, KVM or OpenShift Virtualization), or containerized (Kubernetes or OpenShift). We can offer our architecture and deployment services for customers that want to deploy a high available system, with state-of-the-art KVM or OpenShift technology.


RedHat Enterprise Linux and AlmaLinux

For single node applications, RHEL is still the preferred platform, with CentOS as the free, OpenSource alternative.
It offers Virtualization by default with KVM integrated in the RHEL Operating system. Latest RHEL8.x release focusus on container based applications
We have decades of expertise with RHEL design and deployment.

As a license free alternative, we can deploy our systems on AlmaLinux (as a successor of CentOS)
AlmaLinux is an subscription free copy of the corresponding RedHat distribution.



GBS has deployed several OpenShift systems in the last years, as a basis for Backup and Restore development.
Openshift is the perfect replacement for RHHI and RHV clusters, now that it includes OpenShift Virtualization (KubeVirt).
As a result, we can deploy and use an openshift cluster to run Virtualized (KVM) systems on the same hardware where our Container workload is executed.



GBS has deployed several OpenStack systems in the last years, as a basis for Backup and Restore development, and for Customer deployment projects.
We have deployed Openstack Community version  starting from Ocata, Redhat OpenStack Platform 13 and Ceph as the datastore. 

OpenStack offers a virtualization environment for bigger enterprise and telecom companies that want to virtualize multiple application It also offers to virtualize the networking between the application components by means of Software defined Networking (SDN) 

GBS has expertise with Open Soucrce SDN networks: OpenStack Neutron and OpenDaylight


As a distributed datastore, we can deploy Ceph as a standalone datastore, or as part of a OpenStack/OpenShift deployment.



RedHat offers a High available RHHI platform that includes Virtualization (RHEV) and data storage (Gluster)
This platform is aimed at medium size virtualization applications, with a smaller footprint and less complex compared to OpenStack.